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      The 2022 National Vocational College skill competition is in progress


      On the morning of August 15 in this year, the "welding technology" competition of The 2022 National Vocational College skill competition was held in Jiangbei Shuicheng-- Shandong Liaocheng! 

      As for the famous brand in the welding industry, Beijing Time Technology Co., Ltd provide The concept of "Time welding machine for national competition" has long been well known and popular in the vocational education industry! This time, Time provided standard national competition machines, all digital pulse gas shielded welding machines and intelligent arc welding robot equipments.
      The most prefessional Welding Elites from 33 provinces, cities and autonomous regions (including cities with separate planning status) around the whole China gets together to compete for the championship in the Selection Contest of  China skills competition .

      In the stadium, Time has arranged a professional service team to be ready for the event. "Time" has made full preparations! 

      Now that the event has been fully launched, let's focus on the wonderful competition activities and cheer for the participants together!