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      TIME welding machine in the 25th Beijing ESSEN Welding & Cutting Fair in Shanghai


      TIME attended the 25th Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair from June 16th to June 19th, 2021 in Shanghai, and exhibited Digital welding power sources, automatic welding equipments and arc welding robots. Some equipments were arranged for actual welding for visitors.

      Full view of the exhibition booth
      Front of booth

      On site consultation
      TD series digital welder display platform

      On site demonstration of Welding Technician
      Welding demonstration platform

      TAZ series manual welding machine display platform
      TAZ series manual welding machine display platform
      Featured exhibits include:

         Rectangular coordinate submerged arc intelligent welding robot:
      Cartesian robot for intelligent submerged arc welding
      Laser vision- guided and comprehensive sensing technology makes the welding process unmanned
      Intelligent welding for full penetration process requirements of joints is realized by automatic variable process technology
      Welding process parameters database in support to retrieve function reduces the dependence on workers' skills
      Adopt guidance interface for beginner to reduce the pre-job training time
      Equipped with automatic replacement tooling that can be connected with the assembly line, so that the welding is no longer dependent on crane
      Working with double wire double submerged arc welding system to realize high efficiency and deep penetration welding of thick-wall workpiece
           U-shaped rib plate intelligent robot welding unit:
      Intelligent robot welding unit for U-shaped ribbed plate
      Stable full penetration welding, good formation, unmanned welding process
      The welding can be realized without teaching or off-line programming because of the original parametric programming method.
      Arc tracking algorithm with self-learning ability to realize the stable tracking of root pass and fill up.
      Multiple machines working in coordination function can realize the flexible cooperation of multiple robot welding process
      Various of hardware and software interface can be customized to connect with industrial Internet
      Optional anti deformation bed-jig can reduce the welding deformation and the leveling time of the workpiece

      U-shaped rib plate intelligent robot welding unit
      Rectangular coordinate submerged arc intelligent welding robot

      Unveil the veil of intelligent welding equipment
      On site explanation of intelligent welding equipment

      Business negotiation
      Business negotiation

      Business negotiation
      Group photo of staff