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      TDN Double pulse MIG/MAG welding machine

      Feature code:

      Intelligent power source (New model) by whole digital microprocessor control bases on the digital

      platform of DSP (hardware main control circuit) and ARM (digital communication panel). It adopts
      modular design concept and with characteristics of digital, intelligent, automation, network and
      green to provide a new experience for the user. The welder can be upgraded conveniently and add
      new functions by software without the hardware change.
      Power input : 3 phase 220V is optional for all TD-Series welding machines.

      ● Advanced whole digital DSP control technology. The machine can be updated by software according to the user’s requirements and monitor the welding process through the computer
      ● The precise wire feeding control is used to realize the pulsating wire feeding with the wire feeding speed around the reference value, thereby generating the alternating double pulse current
      ● The alternating of the double pulse current can effectively stir the molten pool to avoid the generation of welding pores and at the same time make the welding seam naturally form beautiful fish scales
      ● The double-pulse peak energy melts the base metal and the welding wire and the base energy cooling molten pool to effectively avoid the base material burn-through and improve the welding seam of the arc
      ● The pulsation frequency, pulsation amplitude, peak ratio, peak arc length correction and base arc length correction constitute all the adjustment parameters of the double pulse to adapt a wider range of process applications
      ● It can be equipped with various automatic welding machines through configure the arc welding robot data connection port to realize automatic welding
      ● MAG/MIG pulse welding; MMA; DC TIG (contact arc ignition)
      ● Welding expert system for various materials is stored in the welder for welding structural steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex steel, nickel-based alloy, aluminum, aluminum alloy and other special materials and expert database can be customized according to user selection 
      ● The welding gun has a double cycle cooling system to cool the contact tip and nozzle, The duty cycle of welding gun is 100%
      ● Whole protection function: constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC), undervoltage, overvoltage, under current, over-current protection function to ensure the machine stability and reliability.


      TDN 5000MB

      Input voltage

      Three-phase  AC  380V±15%  50/60Hz

      Rated input current(A)


      Rated input power (kW)


      No-load voltage (V)


      No-load current (A)


      No-load consumption(W)


      Voltage adjustment range (V)


      Current output range (A)


      Current output range for MMA(A)


      Type of wire

      Solid wire

      Wire diameter


      Material of wire

      Carbon steel / stainless steel / Aluminium and aluminium alloys

      Welding mode

      Manual electrode arc welding; double pulse MAG/MIG;TIG

      Duty cycle


      Efficiency  (η)

      80%85%rated conditions

      Power factor 

      λ= 0.70.9

      Case Protection Class


      insulation grade


      Cooling  mothod

      Thermal control wind cooling

      Dimensions of power sourceL×W×H

      660×326×567mm Weight :50Kg

      Dimensions of wire feederL×W×H

      670×240×405mm Weight 11Kg

      Dimensions of water-coolerL×W×H

      675×320×252mm Weight 21Kg